Friday, 11 January 2013

Read those books!

 As it is January, I am in my usual annual Goal-Making zone. This usually fizzles out by mid February. So I had better make the most of it now!

I have a few things that I am going to write about in the weeks to come, but thought I'd start with sharing about this. I am a chronic book buyer. I like to think I'm a chronic book reader, but alas, that has not been the case for a while. I even have "book devourer" on my Pinterest bio! A bit of false marketing there I feel...

This year I'd like to put that right. I want to read all the books that I bought last year and the year before (some of them may pre-date that, but not many), and not buy more. At least until I'm most of the way through the list. Or unless it's something really amazing... Anyway.

Here's the list. After I finish each book I'm going to share here what I thought about it - a review of sorts. I must stress that the reason these books are unread, or only halfway read, is not because they are bad books, but because I am slack. And addicted to buying books. I'll note beside each book whether they are unread or half finished.

Interrupted: Jen Hatmaker. Unread, but leant out to others who said it was great.
Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible: Liz Curtis Higgs. Am a few chapters in.
Grace Based Parenting: Tim Kimmell. Unread, bought most recently.
How to be Pentecostal without speaking in Tongues: Tony Campolo. Unread.
Lioness Arising: Lisa Bevere. Half finished.
Boundaries: Cloud & Townsend. A few chapters in.
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Philip Yancey and Paul Brand. Unread.
Spirit-led Parenting: Tietz & Oyer. This was bought for someone else, I sneakily read about half of it before giving it to her - she has leant it back to me to read.
The Story of God, the Story of Us: Sean Gladding. Unread.
Velvet Elvis: Rob Bell. Unread.
The Practice of Love: various writers. Half finished.
Life Interrupted: Priscilla Shirer. Unread.
Loving our Kids on Purpose: Danny Silk. Currently reading.
Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of the Mind. Unread.
You are not what you weigh: Lisa Bevere. A few chapters in.

So there we go, slightly embarrassing but oh well.

I've started with Danny Silk's "Loving our Kids on Purpose", and it's fantastic. I got that one and the Tim Kimmell book on Sarah Bessey's recommendation, from her list of "Books that influenced her parenting". It's so good to have books recommended to you by someone you respect so much.

In line with this post and the previous one, I'm changing the tone of this blog a bit from now on. It has tended to be somewhere to go when I want to write a big long preacher-like rant, and I've felt a bit boxed in by that. So from now on I'm going to try to write about books, life stuff, and interior design - following along with our home renovations. In time I might feel like I have to split the blog into two, but I'd have to be writing a whole lot to get to that I think. I like sharing and writing, but struggle with how much or how little to share. So I'll just figure that out as I go. 

Has anyone else got some book recommendations, or unfinished books waiting to be read that they would ike to share?

xx Sarah

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  1. Such a great idea Sarah......i have had about 5 books on the go since about October last year and they are yet to be finished. When i read your blog i also thought about those books that i wanted to read this year and so i changed my blog page a little to reflect books i wanted to read this year. Thanks for issuing a challenge V