Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gratitude #1-17

In my last post I mentioned a book called "One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp. "Dare to live fully right where you are". It's a beautiful book, very poetic, and I recommend it.
I'm feeling a bit of anxiety over some of the things I wrote yesterday, and while I'm not sure deleting the whole thing is right, because most of it is where I'm at, I also am not sure that it had love through it... or that I spent the time required to make sure that it had love in it.
I am so appreciative and grateful for so many things and instead of writing an apology (though I will always be sorry to cause hurt if that happened) or big explanation, or instead of just taking back everything that I wrote, I thought I'd start my online gratitude journal instead and just try to put yesterday aside and say today is a new day.
From the book, Ann writes about how she started her list:

"It was a dare, like a love dare of sorts, and I take it one clear November morning... It is the beginning of list season. Lists of holiday menus, lists of handmade projects, lists of have-to-buys. They're scattered and stacked across the counter, around my desk, when a friends dashed-off digital line blinks up on my screen. She dares me, and I don't even blink. Could I write a list of a thousand things I love? I read her line again. As in, begin another list? To name one thousand blessings - one thousand gifts - is that what she means?... A list not of gifts I want but gifts I already have."

  1. Little girl with unbrushed hair in pink pyjamas
  2. New paint on the front of my house
  3. A soft mattress and warm covers
  4. Fresh, clean outside air
  5. Being greeted in the morning with a "So beautiful!" from my daughter
  6. Baby flutterings in tummy
  7. Old friendships renewed and started again
  8. Forgiving and gracious friends
  9. Grandparents to take children to the park
  10. Ideas for handmade dolls houses
  11. Birthday month for my loved ones coming up
  12. Re-reading much loved books
  13. Two children hugging each other goodnight
  14. Dinners cooked for me this week
  15. My God always there to listen and comfort and guide
  16. Loving friends concern and gentle questions
  17. People visiting who have more patience than me
Thanks for being in my life!
xx Sarah

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