Saturday, 27 August 2011

Orphans, Bibs and Mozambique

I'm either a really nice person or a really foolish one. I vacillate between the two depending on how tired I am and who has been either telling me off or encouraging me! In any case, I am in one of the busiest stages I've had in ages due to dozens of things that I really really want to do.
One of them is crafty and I thought I'd share my progress.
Next Saturday (as in one week from today) a team of people from my church are going to Mozambique to serve and help in an orphanage there with 300 children. I'd have loved to have been going myself but made the call that this is my time with my wee boy and breastfeeding is something I value, so I'm staying here. I'm SO excited for the team that will be going.
At the beginning of the year I was in a group of girls from church and we all set goals for the year, and I made one to do with my sewing. I love to make toy softies, but my kids aren't really that interested anymore - they have so many toys, to be honest, I just overload them when I make more. I knew there was an orphanage in the Phillippines that our church has a bit to do with and I made a goal to make some toys for the kids in that orphanage and send them over. Then later on when I clicked in my brain that our church is sending a team to an orphanage in Africa I decided I'd see if I could transfer my goal to helping there instead. I talked to Shirley, the team leader, about toys and she said they had stated that they didn't actually want toys (neither of us are entirely sure why) but I did also say that I had been making my own bibs and that maybe I could make some taggie blankies, if they would be more suitable, and long story short she asked them and they said YES they would love them. Which I was hugely excited about! How cool that I can do something they will actually need and use. However I'm down to the wire now and haven't made that many. I'm storming ahead though and will update you on my progress as the week goes on!
Here are some pictures:
Some bibs, all ready for their poppers. And then some more made from the CUTEST childrens curtain I found at Savemart:

I love the little teddy in the airplane! The smiling tree in my blog background is from the same fabric. And then my first go at making taggy blankies:

I splashed out at SewPretty and got some adorable woven ribbons for these:
So I'm hoping to be able to give Shirley 100 things! I may be being overly ambitious. But every time I think I should just quit and go clean my house, talk to my husband, have a shower, or eat... I think about a little African child who has never had anything beautiful of their own before... And I keep sewing.
xx Sarah
PS: The photos look cool because I used Instagram, on my iPhone. It is fun!

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