Saturday, 30 March 2013

Love blogs? How to read them easily.

Hi friends,

At the risk of this post seeming like an advertisement, I'm putting a plug in for some cool websites/apps that I'm using and make blog reading a breeze.

If you're like me and you love reading a lot of different blogs, it can get hard to keep up and become easy to miss stuff if you're visiting each site separately at a time. Or, if you get them all in your email inbox per day that's hard too because it can get a bit overwhelming. There are maybe only two blogs I read when they enter my email now, unfortunately the rest get deleted as I'm in a hurry to check my emails and log out.

What has worked really well for me is to subscribe using a Reader. This is basically a program where you have an account (like gmail for Google) and you just enter every blog you follow, and it puts it into a format that is easy to manage. You just work your way through the list. (this is the laymans version of explaining such things so just excuse my lack of technical knowlege if you know more than I do!). I was using Google Reader, which was good - because I linked it up then to the Feedly app on my phone. All my Google Reader subscriptions got put into there and became this cool, magazine-like thing that was so easy to read. There has been a bit of press about Google phasing out Reader, so know that Feedly is not dependent on it (it was just easiest for me at the time). It's independent from Google Reader so can be used just as it is.

Now I'm using Bloglovin' and I'm really enjoying it. What it means is I open it up when I have time and am in the mood to do some reading, and it's all there one after the other, looking purretty. Check it out:

So I hope that's useful to somebody, and now you can go ahead and have fun reading to your hearts content! Bloglovin' is good too because it has an app (free) for iPhone in the app store, but is also just a website - so you don't have to be an iPhone user to enjoy it. 

I hope you're enjoying your Easter weekend!

xx Sarah

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