Why, hello there!

It's nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.

This blog is a work in progress by me, Sarah, a thirty something year old from New Zealand (That's our summer camping spot above - lucky us, huh). I'm not great at updating things here all the time, because I'm new at this and I'm still coming to grips with the how-much-to-share, how-little-to-share issue online.

Here's some random information about me:
  • I have a super duper husband and 3 kids.
  • We live in a small town... Population approx 40'000 people.
  • I'm into Jesus. He's my lifeline.
  • I'm an arty, creative type. I love to paint, sew, sing, play music, and am currently attempting to learn how to do things with yarn but am failing miserably.
  • I love food, sugary sweet food in particular.
  • I do like books but have seasons of reading fiction and seasons of not - I get so involved in fiction books that I spend all my time stressing about the characters until they are finished. Sometimes it just ain't worth it!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I do wish people knocked on doors more, hung out together, went for walks, shared meals, talked on the telephone, and wrote handwritten letters. I work on trying to do those things myself and that will explain my long absences sometimes.
  • I'm passionate about relationships - marriages, parenting, and friendships; about practising what we preach as Christians; about acting out our faith in love rather than signing petitions and attending protest marches; about women and media, and the battle to overcome the lies we are fed about our self-image and replace that with the truth. Don't get me started about gender equality, especially within Christian culture... or do get me started perhaps.
  • My hubby and I are currently up to our elbows in renovating our first house. We will never, ever attempt this again. But are learning a lot. 
I blog because I really just enjoy writing. I write for the fun of it. The purpose of this blog is as yet undefined. I try to write regularly on Parenting, and on Faith, and I write a lot about what other people write. Bear with me as I navigate how to do this online thing. 

Hope you enjoy looking around. Live a life of Love.

xx Sarah

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